Register a Singapore Company Essentials

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Singapore is highly regarded as the most business friendly country worldwide..It offers unlimited business opportunities both for local and foreign entrepreneurs. In connection to this, there is a steady growing numbers of company installations in Singapore that contributed to its approving economic status.

It has been observed that a Singapore private limited company is easily the most preferred business setup of foreigners.Singapore limited liability company is generally preferred because Singapore permits 100% foreign-owned shares in an organization to find most of the foreign entrepreneurs is useful for creating a Singapore limited liability company and owns 100% stake in capital, it is a separate legal entity that is separate from members to make commitments by Singapore company does not extend to its members. In case of debts or obligations of limited liability, personal assets are protected from its members, it is easier for any company in Singapore to raise capital in comparison with other companies and organizations can be considered a nearby resident entity and can benefit from low fares from Singapore tax rates and other tax incentives.

The essential requisites for Singapore company registration are as follows:

1. $ 1 minimum for Paid up capital

2. At least one local resident director (ie a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or Singapore to move the working title), that is a natural born over 18 years of age.

3. Minimum of one local or foreign shareholder.

4. Appointment of a secretary of the local organization.

5. The accessibility of an organization registered in the address.

These are the documents to prepare for the registration of businesses in Singapore. Please note that all documents must be officially accepted in English or translated into English versions.

1. The approved name of Singaporean company;

2. Formulate a proposal for a business that participates in the Singapore company;

3. For information with members of Singapore Association Council, the shareholders and the Secretaries of the company (eg name, address, nationality, etc.);

4. The company's Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA);

5. Copies of passport or identity Singapore (IC) copies of the proposed shareholders and directors;

6. Proof of residential address offered to non-resident shareholders and directors; and

7. Details from the parent company if the shareholder is really a corporate body.

Please take note that the foreign company registered in Singapore, you must use the services of a licensed business registration business in Singapore. The reason for this is that Singapore will not permit foreign individuals or entities to self-incorporate a Singapore corporation.

If you are a local resident you have the choice to self-register a Singapore company. Each of the directors, organization secretary and shareholders must possessed Singaporean citizenship, Singapore PRs or Singapore work pass if you are self-registering a Singaporean company.

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Register a Singapore Company Essentials

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Register a Singapore Company Essentials

This article was published on 2010/12/10