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There are a lot of ways to make money in Singapore. Tourism, for example, is a growing industry, and your business can find a way to capitalize on that. There are many facets of the tourism industry which can make for a thriving business. The tourism season in a particular area is a set time of year, which makes it conducive to planning for the most expenditure during that season. Singapore, a culturally diverse country people and customs of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Arab heritage, attracts vacationers, business people, and new residents every year. Your business can find its niche among that customer base.

If your company wishes to relocate to Singapore, can incorporate in the Singapore company registrar there and run your business operations from that location. Your company may also incorporate there even though you may not be located in Singapore. In fact, it is one of the best thing about doing business in Singapore that you can run your company operations without having to relocate.

If you choose to relocate to Singapore, you have two options. You can choose the Employment Pass option, which entrepreneurs, shareholders, professionals, and managers with higher education, degrees, or qualifying certificates often choose. Eligibility for the employment pass option may depend on the quality of the person's education as well as professional history. If you do not have the education required for the Employment Pass, another option is to get an EntrePass. The EntrePass is available for people who have successful entrepreneurial history. The EntrePass, however, requires a minimum paid capital of $50,000.

If you wish to be in the Singapore company registrar without relocation to Singapore, you can use the Nominee Director Service option. With this option, your company can appoint a resident director who lives there.

There are many companies which provide incorporation services for U.S. companies whose directors wish to operate or just incorporate in Singapore. These companies offer different packages for your company. For foreign entrepreneurs, they bundle company incorporation with the Nominee Local Director, Employment Pass, and EntrePass options. For companies, they bundle subsidiary registration with the Nominee Local Director or Employment Pass. They also bundle Representative Office Registration or Subsidiary Registration with the Employment Pass, or Branch Registration with the Nominee Local Agent or Employment Pass options.

Some other companies are also there that help individuals and companies incorporate in the Singapore company registrar. They offer services much like those above, as well as a service which provides a trusted individual to act as the Nominee Local Director for your company. They also assist in getting work visas.

Most of the companies which offer these types of services for companies who wish to incorporate in the Singapore company registrar are located in Raffles Place in the Business District. Raffles Place is located at the mouth of the Singapore river in the downtown core and central area. Republic Plaza, UOB Plaza One and OUB Centre are the three tallest buildings in Raffles Place. The Singapore stock exchange, the Supreme Court, and City Hall are also located in Raffles Place.
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Singapore Company Registrar

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This article was published on 2010/12/23