Singapore Events & Festivals – Get Indulged Into A Magical Spell!

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A cosmopolitan society with multicultural nature, Singapore has a full calendar of various fests and events celebrated all through the year. The people from varied communities, particularly from Chinese, Malay and Indian, live harmoniously here, and celebrate their events according to their own cultures. This simply means Singapore hosts the festivals of varied nature, which are awesome and hard to surpass over.

Chinese New Year: This amazing fest falls in January or February that turns Singapore colorful for half a month. The New Year welcomed with parades, dragon dance and red posters demanding goodness of human beings. Atmosphere, especially at night, becomes vibrant. On the eve of the New Year, people savor a reunion dinner and visit to their friends and relatives.

Vesak Day: Buddhist community in Singapore celebrates this fest to memorialize Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and Nirvana. Temples are decorated with lights and flags, and caged birds and animals are released. Apart from that, poor and needy people are provided with food, clothes and other gifts, and masses of youths donate blood. Actually, Vasak Day is celebrated to pay homage to the Lord Buddha through various holy activities. This festival falls in April or May.

Singapore Food Festival: One of the Island’s spiciest events, Singapore food festival is celebrated in/throughout July. Magical cuisines infused with spiced rule the island throughout the month. Markets get laden with delicious meals, restaurants and food stalls offer great deals on food and a number of themed food events take place to please the tourists and the locals alike. Cooking competitions and public lectures by renowned chefs are some additional attractions of Singapore food Festival. So, come and eat up your favorite meal during this lovely fest.

Festival of Hungry Ghost: An event full of excitement and joy, the Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated in September month to get blessings of dead and ensure these souls will not disturb the humans. It’s believed that gates of hell are opened during this time; hence the souls of dead roam the earth. The Hungry Ghost Festival is a mark of respect to these freed souls.  People burn paper crafts in shape of useable goods with a faith that their ancestors would use them. Moreover, various celebrations of traditional Chinese cultures also take place during this time.

Singapore Grand Prix: Singapore Grand Prix is a Formula One Race craze of that is really hard to describe in words. This world championship of motor race is held in Marina Bay area, and draws thousands of spectators from far and wide. The race takes place at night, which makes it more enchanting.

Additionally, Singapore Art Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and Deepavali are some other festivals Singapore celebrates delightfully. Getting through any of these fests is really a remarkable experience. So, next time when you plan holiday in Singapore, plan it accompany with one of these wonderful events. These days, tour packages to Singapore are easily accessible through Internet. Searching on some reputable travel site, one can find a suitable tour package to Singapore.

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Singapore Events & Festivals – Get Indulged Into A Magical Spell!

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Singapore Events & Festivals – Get Indulged Into A Magical Spell!

This article was published on 2012/01/21